Month: February 2019

Feb 28

Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

An Email Marketing Campaign that gets the job done! Email marketing rocketed to the top of the advertising industry alongside the explosive growth in the Internet. Emails remain one of the best ways to reach customers for practically any product,…

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Feb 24

Affiliate Marketing for the True Beginner

What is the actual definition of Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a way that a company can sell and market its products by “outsourcing” the sales function.  They do this by signing up individuals or companies ("affiliates"), who market the…

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email marketing
Feb 19

Email: Give Subscribers What They Want

And How To Find Out What That Is! Effective email marketing boils down to this: Find an audience, figure out what they need or want and then deliver it to them. Email marketing is one of the best mediums to…

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Email Advertising
Feb 18

Email Advertising: Keep Them Wanting For More

Use Foreshadowing to Create Anticipation in your email advertising There’s a pretty neat strategy called foreshadowing that you can use in your email marketing to improve open rates. You may have seen this used on news programs and talk shows.…

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