Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

An Email Marketing Campaign that gets the job done!

Email marketing rocketed to the top of the advertising industry alongside the explosive growth in the Internet. Emails remain one of the best ways to reach customers for practically any product, so it is no surprise that billions of dollars go into supporting email marketing campaigns every year.

However, for those new to email and affiliate marketing, beginner email marketing can seem like a huge hill to climb.

Fortunately there are some universal tips that can help you get started off on the right foot with your email campaign.

Key Elements of a Good Email

Obviously the first step to a successful email marketing campaign is a strong set of emails.

These emails should:

Know your audience – Each email should be written with a . If it doesn’t fit perfectly for your target audience, then write a new one just for them.

Know your email types – Are you promoting a product to new customers? Or perhaps educating your existing customers about some relevant news? Or maybe you are offering a one-time deal for new subscribers to your campaign? Whatever the reason, each email should have a clear and distinct purpose in your campaign.

Know your sales funnel: Each email should be a call to action toward a specific target in your sales funnel. Are you signing up a first timer? Are you offering a complementary product to someone who just received a delivery? From open to close, each email needs to be driving the target audience to a specific action.

Email Frequency

Once you know how to craft a proper email for your campaign, the next big issue is email frequency.

Nothing will kill interest faster than filling someone’s inbox with a flood of useless emails, but you also want to keep your products fresh in people’s minds so they feel like it is an important element in their lives.

Unfortunately there is no magic number for the perfect email frequency for every situation. However, we do know that the optimal email frequency for a high volume and engaging fashion brand is a little over 6 per week. Therefore, this can be seen as a good maximum email frequency, and a point of reference to use for your own email marketing campaign.

If you are offering products that are more technical and less personal, such as IT products to a company for example, then you want to drastically reduce this frequency down to even 1 email per week.

Also consider the content of your emails. If each email has some genuine new content, then customers are less likely to be turned off by a higher frequency. On the other hand, simple reminders or notifications do not need to be sent out once every day.

Crafting Subject Lines

The last key element you need to learn for beginner email marketing is how to craft a strong subject line.

You don’t have a lot of space to work with here (most optimal subject lines are less than 50 characters), so you really just want to come out and say what the email is about in the simplest and most straightforward terms.

While it is recommended that your subject line focus on what your email offers, you want to save the clever copy for what is inside and stick to simple language for your subject line.

You can also try to personalize your subject line based on your target audience, which dramatically increases your click rate.

A Bright Future of Email and affiliate marketing

As intimidating as beginner email marketing can be, once you get started it all comes quite naturally as you find out what works and what doesn’t.

These helpful tips will get you started in the exciting world of email marketing, and you can find out more from other helpful email marketing guides.

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